The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Brand Reputation

In the digital age, no one has complete control of their image, whether we’re talking about a company or an individual. If you’ve thought of personal privacy as a line that can’t be crossed, hearing that individuals aren’t even in complete control of their image might be distressing. Unfortunately, in the era of social media and Internet trolls everyone can be a target.

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PR Trends 2018

Three PR Trends to Watch in 2018

It’s 2018 and the PR industry continues to evolve right in front of our eyes, with social media and mobile technology driving a large part of the transformation. While we need to keep our strategies fresh and relevant, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that the fundamental essence of PR has not changed: Building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the public they serve.

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Brand and Reputation Management

Today, things are moving so quickly, with such velocity, that brand management is more important than ever. Many clients are asking us to initiate account planning in order to assess their positioning related to competitive and market changes. Positioning, tagline development and category differentiators are components of a brand audit that SA conducts. In reputation management, mapping of key messages is extremely helpful to clients addressing advocacy or issues management.

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