The Plant That Can Change the Planet.


Job #1 for the Nebraska Corn Board is to raise awareness about the ingenuity and diversity of corn. Yet despite living in one of America’s largest corn-producing states, Nebraskans don’t fully appreciate corn’s worldwide impact.

The goal was to increase consumer awareness as well as trust in farmers and corn-related products.


To address this knowledge gap, we did extensive research before a compelling brand refresh emerged: “Nebraska Corn. The plant that can change the planet.”

As part of the campaign, two lovable characters, Del and Ed, were born. These Nebraska famers delivered insights about corn, its positive effects on the environment and the economy, as well as the advances that farmers are making today. Using a light-hearted tone, the spots left viewers with a whimsical “A-ha. I never knew that before.” moment.


Del and Ed are iconic characters who will spread the good news about corn for years to come. Phase Two of this project will include relaunching the consumer survey to determine the impact on public perception after its first 18 months in the marketplace.

Despite being in its infancy, the campaign is already receiving a positive response. For example, here’s one email:

“I wanted to share my conversation with my daughter on the new corn ads running in Omaha. As gas prices have risen, she and her friends have been talking about costs, inflation and more. After seeing one of your ads, she called her car dealership about using E15 fuel in her vehicle. Your ads caught the eye of a 24-year-old who has since talked to her friends about corn, ethanol and agriculture.”


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