Dorothy’s House

Reclaiming lives, one victim at a time.


Sex trafficking goes on everywhere, but most people don’t realize it. Dorothy’s House asked Strategic America to help bring the problem to light and create a capital campaign that would provide safe housing and resources to more survivors.


To build the new Dorothy’s House, the 100-year-old existing home had to be demolished. SA used wood flooring from the house being torn down to build boxes that contained the creative elements of the capital campaign. Potential donors received the boxes, which included photos from Dorothy’s House, poems written by residents, as well as a donation request.

To reach additional donors, Strategic America created a website for the campaign. A gift registry-like website lets donors choose their level of support. “Purchasing” options include windows, siding, labor, home furnishings and appliances, among other options.


The campaign is ongoing with social media support. During the first year of the campaign, SA expanded the audience and gave Dorothy’s House a larger platform to find donors. Facebook likes increased 167% and Instagram likes increased 1,281%.




Dorothy's House Fundraising Box

Dorothy's House Fundraising Box

Dorothy's House Registry Page

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