Is Inverted Pyramid Style Dead?

One of my teammates held a lunch ‘n learn for our team to highlight lessons she learned at a writing workshop. She mentioned the inverted pyramid style of writing – you know, the one that’s represented by a reverse pyramid to show that the most important information comes first, followed by the second most important facts all the way down to the smallest details – is dead.

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Fireside Insights Emily Abbas

Avoid ‘Spray and Pray’ Public Relations

In the public relations industry, gone are the days of writing a generic press release, sending it out to hundreds of media outlets and expecting news coverage. In most situations, it is best to do your research, come up with an interesting and relevant story, and then share it with a targeted reporter. Public relations today: storytelling As you refine your pitch, be sure to infuse an element of storytelling.

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PR Ninjas

Some people don’t know what PR people do. It’s not their fault. The idea of public relations is to get someone’s name, product, idea, etc. some love and attention. So you might not know my name or what I like to do on the weekends, but you better believe I’ve been working hard. Sometimes you might see our clients in the paper, hear some story on the news, attend a great event, find out about a sweet social media campaign, yadda yadda yadda.

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