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Avoid ‘Spray and Pray’ Public Relations

Published On: November 14, 2013 | Categories: Public Relations |

In the public relations industry, gone are the days of writing a generic press release, sending it out to hundreds of media outlets and expecting news coverage. In most situations, it is best to do your research, come up with an interesting and relevant story, and then share it with a targeted reporter.

Public relations today: storytelling

As you refine your pitch, be sure to infuse an element of storytelling. Stories and examples make your information more memorable and easier for readers to relate to.

After you have solidified your pitch, share it with the reporter most likely to reach and be trusted by your target audiences. You can find this out by researching the reporter’s recent stories and social media posts.

Once you have the reporter hooked on your timely and compelling story, it is important to be a helpful resource. For public relations professionals, this means understanding deadlines, providing accurate information and offering expert interviews.

Targeting your media pitches and repurposing content helps reach more people, gives your message a longer shelf life, and makes sure it is heard over and over and over again. What other best practices do you follow when it comes to pitching stories to the media and then repurposing the content?