Trust in the Age of the Customer

A trusted international research firm in the business realm recently suggested a fundamental re-set has occurred, which they refer to as the “age of the customer.” Intriguing, I thought. I should read on. The authors presented their premise that the balance of power between businesses and their customers had forever shifted in favor of customers and their needs. 

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What You Need to Know About FTC Guidelines On Native Advertising

Call it what you will, but native advertising is still advertising, no matter the content or context. In December 2015, the FTC recently took advertisers to task by issuing new guidelines on advertorials, also known as native advertising. According to the “Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements” advertisers must prominently display near the headline of any piece of content that could be construed as part of the surrounding editorial that the content is an advertisement.

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10 Leadership Take Aways from a Morning with Beth Brady

I recently attended a breakfast networking event for AMA Iowa where Beth Brady, Senior VP and CMO of Principal, was speaking. During this event she spoke firsthand about her personal and professional experiences that have helped her become the professional that she is today. One area that really stuck with me was her thoughts on leadership, and how everyone is a leader.

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