Building America.


Wendy’s looked to SA to come up with ideas to promote their new breakfast. As you may have noticed, there’s a pandemic. There are the essential workers that typically get the thanks—the healthcare workers, first responders. Rightfully so. But there was an essential worker out there that everyone seemed to overlook. The workers out building America; in the heat, the snow, the rain, working on your home as we worked from home.


We needed to make sure they got their thanks, along with the most important meal of the day (and some cool swag). Wendy’s was totally on board, we launched our campaign, Building America Requires Breakfast.


YOY sales growth during initial five-week flight was up 12% as well as customer counts up 3% with a higher than average check per transaction.

The initial activation caught the attention of other DMAs and we have now executed in another four DMAs with an additional three DMAs by end of year.


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