Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice

Attracting customers to a mosquito repellant.


Our client came to SA with an all-natural, environmentally-friendly mosquito repellant that was safe for kids, pets, pollinators and aquatic life. They needed a brand created that would make them stand out in a crowded field of products making similar claims.


First, we developed a name that immediately differentiated this product from its competitors. Next, we created packaging that was clever and engaging while clearly identifying how the product could help. Then, we filmed a how-to video that winks (literally) at the idea of being the boss of your backyard. Finally, we produced digital ads to help “Stop the Swat,” depicting what can happen when you don’t use Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice (something we wouldn’t recommend).

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice Application Video




Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice Digital Video












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