Iowa Lottery: A Long History of Better Ways

Strategic America created the Iowa Lottery’s second logo in 1994, and other than a color change in 2002 it lasted more than 20 years—quite a record of durability for a logo. So when the Lottery decided it was time for a new look, they knew who to ask. SA developed a new, energetic, forward-looking logo designed to appeal to a growing number of younger players, especially those millennials who appreciate civic responsibility.

Case Study

Strategic America’s history with the Iowa Lottery goes back more than a quarter-century. Our creative department was responsible for some of the lottery’s first campaigns, and we’ve been handling the media side for more than 15 years.

In 2012, the creative side of the Iowa Lottery came back with a bang—and we proceeded to find a better way to approach it. In the first year we developed about a dozen full-blown TV, radio, point-of-sale, and online campaigns. But here’s what we did: We treated each campaign as if we were pitching the business all over again.

The result has been a fresh creative perspective, every time out. Most recently that perspective has been on display in a rebranding that included a new logo (only the fourth in Iowa Lottery history) and a new tag line, Woo Hoo For You, which reflects the lottery’s mission to contribute proceeds to the state’s general fund. A new animated campaign shows Iowans exactly how these proceeds benefit their lives, through education, recreation, veterans’ issues, and more.

Fresh creative, meticulous management, and unsurpassed team chemistry: It all adds up to a better way. As Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich once put it, Strategic America had a big hand in helping the lottery achieve the best results in its history. What do we do for an encore? We’re working on it every day.