Conference Recap: PRSA Central Iowa OctoPRfest

Last week, the PR team had the opportunity to attend PRSA Central Iowa’s annual OctoPRfest professional development conference. The conference prides itself on bringing together communications professionals from across Central Iowa to hear from other industry professionals to learn more about trends and new tactics. We were lucky enough to hear from the following communications leaders: Angela Sinickas, President, Sinickas Communications, Inc., on calculating the return on investment on your communications efforts and how to link those efforts to your overall business goals.

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PR Measurement and Results

The Secret to a Winning PR Strategy

What Johnny Carson Taught Us About Public Relations When Johnny Carson hosted the Tonight Show many years ago, he had a comedic routine where he played a divine mystic called Carnac the Magnificent, who has extraordinary mind powers. I’m hinting at my age here, but for me Carnac never failed to deliver side splitting laughter.

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Content audit

Don’t Dump Your Website Just Yet

Websites are stomping grounds for all sorts of content. Sometimes that content has purpose and proper placement. That’s good! Other times that content becomes undirected. The content strategy starts to unravel, becoming a free-for-all, post it and go platform, with pages and pages of unrelated and unorganized content. And then there’s the thought to just dump the whole thing and start fresh.

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