My 2016 Fiscal Year End To-Do List

Take time to complete time sheets. Check.   Attend SA’s fiscal year end party. Check.            Let all know that SA clients and leadership appreciate their talented commitments. Check. Take a deep breath, appreciate and enjoy. Check … This past fiscal year has allowed us to experience our share of special moments, like – The privilege of working with and advancing America’s best companies – in strategic branding, field marketing, digital and full service assignments to help each achieve their goals.

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Social Media Media relations YESS

Finding a Place for Media Relations in Social PR by Showing What a Duck Can Do

*This blog was first published at Waxing Unlyrical. I’ve held on to a theory for a while now: Social media and media relations are a paradox. The former being new school which allows you to control your message; and the latter is old school which gives you very little control, yet more credibility. In today’s media landscape both are critical in public relations, but my theory begs the questions, Can the old and the new be blended together and (bigger question) can one help drive success for the other?

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