Google Lens

Google Changes the Search Landscape on its Birthday

Happy Birthday Google! We probably should have expected that Google would be throwing a celebration for their 20th anniversary. And by “celebration” I really mean completely changing the search landscape again. So, on Monday, September 24, Google made a series of announcements to show off their long-term plan to completely alter how search works … and some of it has already been implemented for a few months now.

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What’s In A Name?

When it comes to selecting a URL for your website, exact-match domains may or may not be the answer to your SEO goals. Marketers are always trying to crack the code of website search engine optimization (SEO). While there are many facets we could discuss relating to SEO, in this article we will address–in a general way–the topic of “Exact-Match Domains.” Exact-match domains are defined as URLs that utilize keywords and/or geographical areas, rather than a company’s identity or brand, as the domain for a specific website or landing page.

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6 Advertising Trends

Six advertising trends to watch

We took a closer look at six advertising trends to watch this year: direct mail, Internet, search, email, mobile and social media. Notable stats: Among mail piece types, postcards are most likely to be read. In 2013, U.S. retail mobile-commerce sales are predicted to reach $38.4 billion. One in five minutes online is spent on Facebook.

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