The right product for the right audience at the right time

Field marketing is second nature for us here at Strategic America. We’ve taken our knowledge and developed a proprietary suite of digital field marketing solutions that we named Metis. We’ve mastered the concepts of getting our clients’ channel partners to buy in to programs designed to increase their sales and delivering consistent messages to diverse audiences. Metis is the platform that streamlines this entire field marketing process. From performing customer analytics to creating customized, multimedia, local-market, turnkey campaigns to comparing your marketing costs to your return on investment, you can do it all with one login on Metis.

Whether your distribution model is direct, one-step or two-step, we’ll make the marketing work. And we know your channel partners. Whether they’re independent dealers, company-owned or multiline, we understand their unique needs—and how they see their role in your organization. We’ll reach them with field sales training and incentives, merchandising and collateral, and programs designed to boost sales and loyalty. Then we’ll help your partners reach their audiences with retail sales training, better margins, marketing materials and much more—all to build an ongoing cycle of customer demand.

We’ve been doing it for 35 years. It works for our clients, and it’ll work for you.

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