Vital for Life.


In Northeast Ohio, residents have a wide choice of healthcare options, including the world-famous Cleveland Clinic. Yet, research shows that consumers want a simple, personalized journey with their providers, not a “bigger is better” mentality.

Summa Health’s vision is to increase brand preference in the marketplace — find its niche — by focusing on their individualized, awarding-winning care.


By using insights from local focus groups — patients and non-patients — SA created a compelling campaign called “Vital for Life.” Using real patients’ stories, told in their own words, the campaign explored how Summa was vital in getting each patient back to the lives they once enjoyed.

This new campaign focuses on nine different service areas (with nine different patient stories) for Neurology, Heart Care, Primary Care, Pulmonary Care, Urology, Orthopedic Care, Women’s Health, Oncology and Weight Management.

The campaign rolled out each of Summa’s service-line stories via TV, radio, digital, print and OOH marketing channels.


The “Vital for Life” campaign has generated positive feedback, particularly among employees and key management. It’s recognized as unlike any other marketing campaign in the area — emotional and hard-hitting.

Summa Health strives to become one of the finest healthcare systems in the United States, and Strategic America is excited to be a part of that journey.

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Summa Health Neurology
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