In June 2019, Michelle Kosmicki, senior marketing analyst at Strategic America, was named co-leader of the Des Moines Tableau User Group. Made up of professional and personal Tableau users, the group was created in 2015 to help Des Moines data professionals and enthusiasts learn more about working with the platform.

In any set of data, there are insights and stories waiting to be uncovered. Tableau, a powerful data visualization tool, helps data analysts like Kosmicki highlight those insights and translate them into information that helps people understand the world around them. At Strategic America, Kosmicki—as well as the entire data and analytics team—use Tableau to find consumer insights that fuel targeted marketing strategies.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to build the group and getting more people involved,” said Kosmicki. “We have pretty broad representation for companies in the Des Moines area that use Tableau, but we could always include more.”

The Des Moines Tableau User Group includes both professional and personal Tableau users. Quarterly meetings include presentations from local businesses using the platform and time for users to learn from each other. According to Kosmicki, the meetings are a great time for group members to work together to brainstorm solutions and tackle difficult problems. More than 180 data analysts and enthusiasts are part of the working group.

Before taking a leadership role, Kosmicki was a part of the Des Moines Tableau User Group for three years. Prior to that, she was a member of the Greater Omaha Tableau User Group. As co-leader, Kosmicki will work with co-leader Kim Martorano, information system specialist at the Johnston Community School District.