Finding our agency’s collective strength—associates

Alternately titled: All the things you can do with spaghetti and a marshmallow By Dawn Buzynski and Jill LaBarre Can we ask you a question? What motivates you? More specifically, what is it about your professional occupation that drives you to give your best every day? If something did not immediately jump to mind or if you cannot really vocalize—even to yourself—a meaningful purpose to your work, chances are you are disengaged or simply disinterested in your job.

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Employee Engagement: Pass the Pretzels, Not the Buck

Employee engagement activities are often considered the bike trails of the work place. You see, the best cities are great places to do business and raise a family. To attract the people that are going to work at and run those businesses and raise those families, a city has to have amenities like bike trails (and parks and pools and public transportation and plumbing and pharmers markets—it’s how they spell it in Europe).

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Head First: Diving in to the agency world as a CFO

My 27 year career in the finance and accounting field has largely been focused in publishing, with the last two years in commercial printing. With that being said, I recently started a new chapter in my career, adding agency work to the mix. With a little less than two months under my belt as CFO, I’ve had to hit the ground running as we were beginning our year-end audit review, closing the books for the first month of the fiscal year, and revising monthly projections for the remainder of our fiscal year. 

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