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The Keys to Creating the Right Metrics for Your Digital Campaign

In bygone days of advertising, measuring the success of a media campaign often relied on the client to confirm increased sales or in-store traffic.  Industry advancements and digital technology now give agencies and clients new options to set meaningful goals and measure campaign success. However, more measurement tools mean more variables and metrics to sort through at campaign’s end. It [...]

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The Social Silo Problem

If there’s one thing social media professionals are tired of, it’s the implication that social media is a less important part of the marketing mix. One that exists in a silo and doesn’t work with other strategies—and shouldn’t have to. It exists all on its own. In a world of digital connectivity, that’s a misconception we need to retire. Consumers [...]

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Owned Media Sweetens Your PR Plan

There’s nothing like a good food epiphany. From marshmallows and hot cocoa to BBQ sauce and chicken nuggets (or ranch on anything here in the Midwest, apparently), history is full of those “eureka” moments where two great tastes taste great together. One of the most popular and enduring food pairings is peanut butter and chocolate. Reese’s even used the “two [...]

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Political Campaigns Means Media Mayhem In 2020. Here’s How to Avoid It.

Political ad spend is increasing. That’s clear to anyone with a television or internet connection. But how much is it increasing this year? And how will that affect your ability to place advertising in the near future? Strategic America’s media team is here to answer these questions. If the flood of articles predicting record ad spend is to be trusted, [...]

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Has Technology Changed the Art of Storytelling?

How has technology changed the way we tell stories? What are the benefits? It may seem like technology has changed the way we tell stories, but it’s really taken us back in time. We’ve all seen the memes comparing emojis to hieroglyphs. And I can’t help but picture my mom as a child sitting in front of the radio listening [...]

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Facebook’s New Third-Party Policies: How Your Company Can Adapt

Over the past year, Facebook has come under a continued scrutiny for how it handles member data. Increased attention to how that data is gathered, as well as who has access to the data continues to be an ongoing issue for Facebook. While the changes will increase user data privacy, it creates new challenges for marketers and advertisers who use [...]

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A Litmus Test For Proving a “Big Idea”

There's nothing more subjective – more likely to stir passions – than an idea. Wars have been fought over ideas. Lovers have quarreled over ideas. And closer to home, ad agencies have prospered or failed in the pursuit of the elusive Big Idea. And there's the problem. An idea that's brilliant and breakthrough to one person is lame and disposable to another. So, how can you tell [...]

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A Guide to Recognizing Insight

For companies looking to best understand their brand and improve the connection with their customers, a useful piece of consumer insight can pave the way to marketing success with memorable messaging that effectively attracts new customers. In our data-rich age, the abundance of readily available facts about customer behavior and preferences would make it seem that consumer insights would be [...]

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The 4-1-1 on the (Not So) New Marketing Trend: Influencer Marketing

*This blog post first appeared on Waxing Unlyrical on Dec 4 If you are a communications pro, I don’t need to tell you that influencer marketing is hot and could soon outpace traditional paid media spend. Everyone is jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon because it’s all the rage, just like every other fly-by-night new trend. Funny thing is — it’s [...]

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Digital Media Trends to Watch in 2019

Modern, effective marketing requires a digital presence. For marketers used to the tried and true tactics of ‘traditional’ marketing, that can be daunting. Luckily, evolving marketing platforms provide our industry more touch points for reaching audiences—rather than making previous efforts suddenly useless. As digital becomes more integrated into marketing mixes, it’s important to look ahead and watch for trends. As [...]

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