Content creation can be an overwhelming task to consistently maintain and with the number of opportunities available to share your story and connect with your audience, chances are it may be difficult to keep coming up with new material. Because of the amount of effort it takes to research and develop your content, it makes sense to find opportunities to repurpose the content and adapt it for additional mediums.  This still requires time on your part to mold the content into the appropriate format, make sure the messaging is appropriate for the audience and add any new elements.

Let’s look at an example. Your company is announcing an addition to the leadership team and you are writing an internal email to staff to provide an introduction. What else can you do?

  • Draft a news release to provide to media outlets.
  • Record a short interview with the new team member to learn more about him/her.
  • Have the new team member write a blog post to provide an introduction, explain their role, vision and goals coming to the company.
  • Post a photo on Facebook with a brief introduction and welcome.

Not only does repurposing content save you time and help push content out, but it also helps reinforce your key messages.

How can I repurpose content?

You don’t need to adapt your content to meet all of these different mediums, but below are some additional ways you can extend your reach.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Podcast
  • Report/Study
  • Infographic
  • White Paper
  • Article
  • Guest Posts
  • Case Studies
  • E-newsletters

Plan ahead

Schedule some time to go over upcoming content and think about different angles you can take with the content. Could a blog post turn into a video? Do you have a case study with statistics that could make a good infographic?

Repurposing content can help increase the number of people that see your message and help with using all of your communication vehicles.

How have you repurposed content in your company?