social media

Social Technology Promotes Army, Spurs Recruitment

Greg Swan, a 2003 journalism graduate of Drake University here in Des Moines, enthralled an audience at his alma mater this fall by recounting how his firm is sticking to the oldest, time-tested principle of marketing with military precision. And that’s an apt reference, because Swan’s agency has won numerous awards for its work with the U.S.

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The Secret of Engagement

If you want to understand how much the Internet has taken over the major role as our information provider of choice, just look at Election Night. Once, political junkies sat glued to their TV sets awaiting the latest pronouncements from the likes of Wolf Blitzer on CNN or Chris Wallace on Fox News. But this year, they were just as likely to be frantically typing in websites at their keyboards, ingesting the latest nonstop streams of consciousness from Twitter and Facebook; see-it-now websites such as Real Clear politics’ real-time vote totals; and wonky blogs such as Nate Silver’s

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Just the facts ma'am

“Just the facts, ma’am.”

This best known quote from the TV series Dragnet was never actually said by Sgt. Joe Friday…or at least not quite. It was used in a pseudo-parody movie with Dan Aykroyd adapting the phrase from two similar statements: “All we want are the facts, ma’am” and “All we know are the facts, ma’am.” The abbreviated expression flows smoothly.

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unlock your creativity

Unlocking Your Creativity

Partnership = Perks As a WORLDCOM partner, Strategic America receives many benefits beyond an impressive affiliation on business cards and email signatures. We gain access to business partnerships, industry insights, global research and professional development opportunities. Brainstorming is essential to every project here at SA. With our team members’ different backgrounds and ways of seeing the world, big ideas are generated and solutions are found.

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mobile marketing

Make Your Mobile Marketing Meet Customers’ Needs

Everyone’s talking about going mobile.  But what is mobile? One definition: being capable of readily moving. While this clearly covers mobile phones and tablets, it also describes what you can do on these devices, such as texting, QR codes, mobile web, email, apps, phone calls and more. At Strategic America, mobile is one of the integrated marketing tools we work with every day.

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Talking So Customers Can Hear You

Today, more than ever, companies need to engage in meaningful conversations with consumers to better align their company goals with their customers’ attitudes and needs. This transformation means that marketers must increasingly find ways to connect with customers, resulting in the expanded use of a dynamic that’s defined as interactive marketing. Research shows this trend will ensure that companies are not just transaction-focused but truly and more importantly, customer-focused.

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Go green

Yes, You Can. Go Green.

Strategic America has been making a long-term commitment to sustainability. And now, we’ve just received the Environmental Impact Award for Small Business from the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Center on Sustainable Communities and the Metro Waste Authority at an event sponsored by the Des Moines Water Works. SA is among five organizations and one individual recognized this year for exemplifying environmental sustainable leadership and practices.

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focus it foward

Focus It Forward

Question time. Where is transformation? What is the virtual intersection of heart and head for your business? Tip: It’s here where you find passion, innovation, service and satisfaction. It’s often the “secret sauce” of your business. If your enterprise did not exist, what would the rest of us be missing?  And, thank goodness your business does exist, because now we can sample and realize that something special does happens at your company.

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alarm clock

Another Corporate Initiative To Make Me More Productive! How Long Will This One Last?

As leaders, we are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity within our own organization.  We must continually remind ourselves that the only way this is going to happen is through our human capital i.e., our staff.  The fact is – they have seen it all before.  They’ve heard the pitch, attended the professional development classes, only to see the excitement and implementation of the latest craze get lost in the day-to-day busyness of deliverables.

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A Time for Strategic Convergence

No doubt, these are certainly strategic times for all business with new challenges and new opportunities. Existing business practices are being reassessed for their value today. New platforms are being prepared to address technology changes and improvements. Hotspots are popping up all over that require attention. And, a new form of strategic thinking is emerging, known as Strategic Convergence.          

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