Channel marketing programs are under constant scrutiny. The expectation is clear … performance delivery. Establishing the program’s objectives must be first and foremost. Defining measurable objectives leads to focused strategies and tactics.

A channel marketing campaign objective might be:

  • Increase participation with retail partners by 50% in the second quarter consumer promotion;
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 15% of our signature product or service; or
  • Drive a year-over-year sales increase by 20% in our Top 10 Markets.

Especially in channel marketing, identifying the best tactics then includes balancing a combination of marketing, sales and operations responsibilities. Ensuring all three areas integrate and share the common objective is where SA provides proven results at retail.

Our secret sauce, so to speak, is bringing channel strategies such as MDF (Market Development Funds), targeted local media, events, promotional offers, digital solutions and analytics. But can it be done for 500, 1,500, or 5,000 local retailers or contractors? You bet! Programs done with scale and service can now be done for the channel.

Strategic America looks at the entire channel program, and with the client, sees the forest through the trees. Combining resources of both the agency and the client company, along with other partners, creates a collaborative process. Cookie cutter answers or tactics are not the solution. Innovation is. Let the fun begin and the cash register ring!