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As founder of Strategic America, Mike Schreurs is primarily responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction and addressing growth opportunities. In his 40 years of active involvement, Mike has focused on delivering strategic counsel, innovation/creativity and a gold standard service to clients. SA’s growth as an integrated marketing services firm is the result of attracting first-class talent to a vibrant agency culture focused on associates and clients. His background in media and creative along with interest in learning innovative business strategies/models for challenging issues in turbulent times has resulted in our enduring success. Mike has served in leadership positions in the advertising industry, national small business association, public broadcasting, chamber of commerce, United Way, as well as coalitions, advocacy campaigns, and other civic and charitable causes. He has been recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award in advertising, the Governor’s Volunteer Award, and has accepted on behalf of the company, the 2016 Torch Award for Iowa by the Better Business Bureau.

2019 Trends for Channel Marketing Success

In every successful marketing program, the focus begins with the consumer—and how they prefer to be served in the journey to purchase satisfaction. That goes for channel marketing too. This hasn’t changed, but in today’s marketing environment, the channel (i.e., the local retailer, dealer, distributor [...]

2019-03-14T09:09:51-05:00March 14, 2019|Field Marketing|

Where Strategy Lives

Strategy may be one of the more overused and misunderstood words in business. Where some may think it’s ‘ivory tower’ for MBAs or C-level execs, and others can’t get above the tactical demands of their workday, and yet, we’re all capable of being strategic. At [...]

2021-04-26T12:15:39-05:00February 8, 2018|Advertising and Marketing|

Make Thanksgiving Special

Get ready for the aromas, the family activities, making memories at this special holiday. Yes, it has special significance so I wanted to check on some who had found clarity, like… “Got no check books, got no banks. Still I'd like to express my thanks [...]

2021-04-21T15:01:10-05:00November 21, 2016|Culture|

An Illuminating Moment

It started as reverse mentoring…and we all know that reverse mentoring is a good thing. Senior execs asking younger team members to show them how, in most cases, one of the new social media apps works. Twitter. I should know, right? Hashtag SABetterWay. Feeling good [...]

2016-09-28T10:42:36-05:00September 28, 2016|Advertising and Marketing|

My 2016 Fiscal Year End To-Do List

Take time to complete time sheets. Check.   Attend SA’s fiscal year end party. Check.            Let all know that SA clients and leadership appreciate their talented commitments. Check. Take a deep breath, appreciate and enjoy. Check … This past fiscal year has allowed us to [...]

2021-04-26T12:23:04-05:00July 29, 2016|Culture|

Trust in the Age of the Customer

A trusted international research firm in the business realm recently suggested a fundamental re-set has occurred, which they refer to as the “age of the customer.” Intriguing, I thought. I should read on. The authors presented their premise that the balance of power between businesses and [...]

2016-04-22T10:17:28-05:00April 22, 2016|Uncategorized|
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