Caleb BaileyStrategic America’s Caleb Bailey has received the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Digital Media Buyer and Planner Certification (DBPC) this past month and is one of the first the United States to hold this highly recognized and renowned certification. You can find a large pile of documents and paperwork on Caleb’s desk neatly stacked together. Since November 2016, he has been studying for the 100-question certification exam.

This new certification, introduced by the IAB in September 2016, provides a credential to media professionals looking to showcase their understanding of the digital media realm, including the vast multitude of channels, ad units and technology platforms. More importantly, the DBPC Certification demonstrates that a media professional has mastered a prominent level of knowledge and skills while meeting client and brand needs in an effective and intelligent manner.

The certification process is rigorous to ensure applicants are qualified. Not just anyone can become certified in the DBPC designation either. Applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements including previous years of experience in digital media buying and planning or completing hours in continuing education courses.

Caleb Bailey has assisted clients in digital media planning and buying at Strategic America for over seven years gaining an understanding of the extensive and ever-changing guidelines and regulations regarding interactive advertising. Bailey was eager to further validate this knowledge, both to clients and internally to SA colleagues.

“This designation gives legitimacy to our capabilities as an agency to follow IAB standards and be in the forefront of the broadly spanning world of digital advertising. Even more than before, clients have that immediate level of trust that myself and SA have the tools and knowledge to help brands succeed,” Caleb said.

Strategic America’s mission is to find a better way, always and we could not be more proud of Caleb’s ambition to his profession and dedication to his clients.