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What’s Trending in Email Marketing?

Published On: June 11, 2024 | Categories: Digital |

Email marketing continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, driven by technological advancements, regulatory changes and shifting consumer preferences. Today, staying ahead in the email marketing space means embracing the latest trends and technologies. At the Email Innovations World conference last week, the Strategic America (SA) team learned what’s currently trending in email and how you can leverage these trends to enhance your marketing strategies.

Quality data is king

Having quality data in your systems has never been more critical. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are leading this charge by offering a central repository for all customer data across mediums. This holistic view enables marketers to engage their audience more effectively through targeted and personalized messaging. According to Salesforce*, a staggering 91% of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data is incomplete, and 70% becomes obsolete annually, underscoring the need for a robust system managing customer information. What steps are you taking to ensure your data is up-to-date and accurate?

Omni-channel marketing: a cohesive experience

The age of isolated marketing campaigns is over, with omni-channel marketing taking more of center stage. Omni-channel marketing places the customer at the core, providing a consistent and cohesive brand experience across all platforms — including media channels, physical stores, apps, and websites. While traditional multi-channel marketing focuses on engagement across most channels, omni-channel marketing’s synergistic approach focuses on customer experiences across all platforms — offering a significant edge. With the average consumer juggling four to six devices and spending merely six seconds on content, syncing your message across platforms is crucial. Are your current marketing efforts integrated to provide a unified experience for your customers?

Mobile-first marketing: the new norm

With more people in the world using a cellphone than a toothbrush**, a mobile-first marketing approach is not just recommended — it’s essential. Optimizing email campaigns for mobile is necessary and expected by consumers, so companies need to ensure all digital materials are designed with a mobile-first mindset. Have you tested your emails and other digital materials on various mobile devices to ensure a seamless experience for your customers?

The continuing rise of generative AI

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how we think about content creation and audience engagement. No longer futuristic technology, AI is streamlining operations, enhancing creativity and fostering personalized customer interactions. Spending even just ten minutes a day with an AI chatbot can significantly improve your command of this technology, helping you to automate routine tasks and focus on strategic thinking. Companies who do not embrace this technology will quickly fall behind their competition. Think for a moment: what tasks or processes could benefit from automation and AI integration in your current strategy?

Email and AI legislation

With the Biden Administration’s AI Bill of Rights***, and states like Colorado passing AI-specific laws within the last month, the legal landscape surrounding digital marketing is swiftly changing. These emerging regulations aim to ensure data privacy, protect against algorithmic discrimination, and maintain a safe digital environment for consumers. Staying compliant with these laws is not just about legal adherence but building trust with your audience. Are you aware of these new laws? It’s important to understand the potential effects on your business and implement measures to ensure compliance.


As these trends illustrate, the world of email marketing is rapidly evolving. Strategic America can help you navigate these changes, providing leading-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. Contact us today to learn how our innovative email marketing solutions can help propel your business ahead of the competition.

Tony Wagner is the Email Marketing Manager at Strategic America. Learn more about our services.