A recent industry trade article pointed out that marketers are concerned that their branded promotions are missing the mark at the local market level. It points out that less than 10% of the companies surveyed report they are addressing it effectively. That’s a big delta between opportunity and actual achievement. This is a potential bonanza in channel partner sales and profitability.

We’ve seen it in our clients’ business. By addressing this issue comprehensively, it means utilizing a customized marketing automation platform for ease and speed of local decision-making. It means implementing proven lead generation tactics to deliver immediate and short-term sales results. It means equipping local market partners with a mix of traditional and new media options to effectively compete and win against bigger budgets. It means being able to grow participation at the local market level nationally. And it means measuring for effectiveness and enhancement.

Automated marketing tools make what used to be difficult, possible. We know, as SA has been a pioneer in this arena since the late 90s. Now, when a client calls and says he or she would like to push a promotional program to their field partners, SA is able to program, implement and deliver local market options for every market in the country. At local rates, with varying options and strategies, depending on what is selected by the local partner. All in a matter of hours/days, not weeks or months.

Imagine reaching a base of 7,000 dealers with 3 media options (21,000 locally specific choices) in days. Or imagine offering them a dashboard that will allow them to select marketing strategies to fit their specific market. Both are currently in use by SA clients.

Imagine the vitality of raising partner participation levels from 20% to 80% or more! Again, in place and happening!

If your company needs a competitive advantage – one that will drive sales – check out SA’s strategic solutions.

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