YESS Duck Derby

What a Duck Can Do



The YESS Duck Derby started in 2007 and is held on the day of the annual Kentucky derby. It is a race, but instead of thoroughbred they are rubber ducks. The motto for the Duck Derby is “Adopt a Duck. Help a Child.”

In 2016, Strategic America supported YESS with pro bono public relations and social media support. The PR team wanted to go beyond promotion of the event and educate the public on how the money raised helps children.


Create a promotional plan that shows how Duck Derby donations help YESS by illustrating “What A Duck Can Do.” This theme was woven into three strategies: a social media infographic and video campaign, engaging media personalities through media relations and encouraging repeat donations via direct mail.

SA created several infographics and videos that were posted throughout the months leading up to the race. These elements did more than educate—they told a story.


SA and YESS saw far more engagement this year than we had seen over the past two years. Post-race results show that video views nearly doubled over last year alone. The combined video views reached almost 5,000, and the infographics and videos were shared 132 times, reaching more than 24,000 people. YESS met its goal to race 36,000 ducks, which raised more than $325,000 for the shelter.

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