Our passion is getting you back to yours.


For nearly a decade, Strategic America has supported Stryker’s marketing initiatives. In 2021, a new division was created to address changing patient needs and aggressive business goals.

The Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) division brought comprehensive solutions to ASCs nationwide. But sealing the most lucrative deals with large ASCs meant coming to the table with a dollar-for-dollar marketing match plus a localized, turnkey market strategy for each.


With a lot riding on this division’s success, the Stryker ASC lead relied on SA to work our “magic.” That’s precisely what we did in leveraging data and research — and a deep knowledge of Stryker’s business goals — to build a co-op marketing program from scratch.

SA developed a campaign to appeal to prospective consumers but also promote the Stryker brand. The result was the “Here. Then Home.™” campaign. Stryker immediately trademarked the line within 48 hours.

This would be followed by the “Our passion is getting you back to yours” campaign, and a Mako SmartRobotics™ campaign that brought several Stryker divisions together. Other divisions heard of the success we were generating, leading to exciting new opportunities.


The overall campaign has been successful and is ongoing. It was enthusiastically accepted by the team at Stryker, members of which took home awards for the campaign the close of 2Q 2022.

Some of the ASCs we worked with in a co-marketing capacity saw incredible results driving them to continue on as clients of SA, apart from Stryker.

As one ASC stakeholder shared, “We’ve had many agencies attempt to help us, but these results are shocking. We’ve never seen this type of engagement or reach.”



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