Direct Marketing

Targeted. Meaningful. Successful.

Our focused direct marketing strategies break through the clutter and get results because they’re fueled by consumer insights and business data. As an active member of the Direct Marketing Association and the recent winner of an International ECHO Award, Strategic America delivers highly-targeted direct marketing campaigns that get results.

Our direct marketing efforts are a perfect example of our commitment to being field-smart and growth-centric. By targeting consumers within a certain radius of our clients’ dealerships—especially those who have purchased or expressed interest in the past—we can help generate sales and improve your direct marketing ROI.

Direct marketing has been a cornerstone of our business since we opened our doors, simply because we’re geared toward results. Whether you’re marketing to consumers or other businesses, we’ll provide the strategy, build the lists, generate the leads, and measure the results—and as our experience shows, those results will mean growth.


Challenge: HVAC client with a decreasing PLUS maintenance agreement renewal rate. How do we get PLUS customers who have dropped off to sign up for another annual plan?

Solution: Personalized letter with specialized offer for this segment and a payment choice: one-time annual rate or a new convenient monthly payment plan.

Results: 194 unique sales with an ROI of 1371%.


Challenge: Optimize the marketing calendar to increase new customer acquisition.

Solution: Adding direct mail targeted to specific geographies to the marketing mix.

Marketing Results:

  • Total Appointments increased 317% over prior year
  • Spend decreased by 3% as we cut out less effective media for direct mail and FSIs
  • Cost per appointment decreased 77% from $406 to $94
  • Overall net income increased 35%

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