About Heath Smith

With experience in both account service and traffic, Heath Smith serves as SA’s creative services manager, logging, moving and tracking every job in the agency, typically several hundred at any one time. Additionally, he contributes to creative brainstorms, concepting sessions, production meetings, and also acts as a client service representative as needed.

101 Blog Ideas

Has anyone ever asked you to write a blog? Did you have trouble coming up with an idea to write about? Are you a robot programmed to write blogs? If you are, you don’t need this information. If you aren’t, then I have the cure [...]

2019-01-31T09:49:11-06:00December 9, 2015|Advertising and Marketing|

Nielsen Steps It Up

The good people at Nielsen are stepping things up. As you know, Nielsen is the company that measures and tracks TV viewership. They can tell you how many people watch which shows and how old those people are. Up until now, these numbers have been [...]

2019-01-31T14:42:42-06:00February 26, 2013|Advertising and Marketing, Digital|
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