Strategic America’s Michelle Kosmicki is striving to find a better way to create marketing solutions. She recently earned a designation from the Data & Marketing Association as a Certified Marketing Professional.

The DMA Certified Marketing Professional (DCMP) certification trains marketers in several areas to keep up with industry trends and changes. The course focuses on both online and offline campaigns and multichannel strategies to create a well-rounded approach. Michelle completed 17 in-depth modules, ranging from copywriting to data analytics, and a certification exam from DMA to earn her designation.

Michelle works as a senior marketing analyst, collecting information and extracting insights about our clients’ customers and their buying habits. She and our Data/Analytics team allow SA to customize media and messages to deliver marketing content on a personal level. Michelle is also certified by Google for Google Analytics and AdWords. After adding DCMP, she’s excited to see how it continues to energize her work at Strategic America.

“DCMP covers all aspects of what we do at SA. As I went through the course, it helped me be more engaged and strategic when participating in client meetings over time,” she said, “When I first came to SA, I was more focused on research and analytics than marketing. Now, I feel more well-rounded as a marketing professional.”

Strategic America’s mission is to find a better way, always and we are incredibly proud of Michelle’s ambition and fervor to constantly learn and innovate our agency’s data and analytics capabilities.


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