Jill LaBarre featured in a presentation put on by Gallagher Benefit Services in Des Moines

On August 15, Jill LaBarre, director of human resources at Strategic America, was featured on a panel hosted by Gallagher Benefit Services. The presentation included representatives from three companies deemed best in class by Gallagher. LaBarre and fellow panelists shared best practices during a presentation on Gallagher’s National Benchmarking Survey Data and Best-in-Class Employers Data.

For Gallagher, a best-in-class employer excels in healthcare cost control and human resource management practices. Rather than focusing on the average performance of employees, best-in-class benchmarking helps employers focus on being the best resource for their employees. For many employers, it helps create a better idea of what’s feasible for them—rather than being limited to what’s been done before.

During the panel, survey results were shared with human resources professionals that indicated HR management tactics are becoming increasingly more important to employees. That includes employee engagement tactics, internal communication and benefit strategies.

Strategic America as a Best-in-Class Employer

Because Strategic America was recognized as a best in class employer, Jill LaBarre had the opportunity to share what sets SA apart from other mid-sized organizations. Within the last year, a number of changes have helped Strategic America better meet employee needs.

During the panel, LaBarre was able to share the employee engagement work completed with Work & People Analytics (WPA) and SA committees. In recent months, the information collected by WPA was turned into real-life action—including office remodeling, professional development opportunities, employing more innovative ideas and enhancing employee communication initiatives.

She was also able to highlight Strategic America’s Wellness Committee. The committee works to provide events and challenges to employees throughout the year. Their focus on holistic wellness was once ahead of its time, but now sets the standard for other companies.

To showcase Strategic America’s efforts to allow employee access to leadership and professional development, LaBarre shared John Talk—monthly conversations with the CEO—and SA Academy—our internal training opportunities.