Proprietary audience learning, engagement and analysis tool to fuel growth for both companies

Des Moines, IA – June 4, 2012 – Strategic America (SA), a full-service, integrated marketing firm, has invested in Medikly, Inc. (Medikly), a Jersey City, N.J.-based social media company, in a partnership to extend the reach of Medikly’s healthcare-driven audience engagement and analytics platform.

Medikly’s web-based KONNECT application enables healthcare clients to deliver information through web 2.0 interactions to better engage with their audiences. KONNECT captures data from these interactions and measures the level of involvement, interaction, influence and sentiment the audience has with the content, brand or message over time, thereby providing actionable insights into their behavior and preferences. As one example of its use, this cloud-based, social media platform allows an audience of healthcare providers to interact with their peers worldwide in a community forum on best practices, while its real-time analytics identify which healthcare providers are subject matter experts.

SA adds KONNECT as its flagship healthcare solution for clients that deliver education and services in today’s multifaceted health industry, adding a backend tracking and reporting tool to existing robust competencies. SA plans to extend this platform to other industries in the near future.

“Many of our clients are eager to better engage both their customers and influential service providers and then learn, track and monitor engagement levels to better meet their needs,” explains Mike Schreurs, CEO of Strategic America. “With this partnership, SA will share its integrated strategic marketing capabilities to assist Medikly’s growth. Our collaboration adds an innovative platform to SA’s digital solutions, allowing us to expand further into the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical space in particular, while also exploring the use of KONNECT for current clients,” adds Schreurs.

“Engagement metrics often used in healthcare and other industries are inadequate in terms of capturing pertinent data or enabling stakeholders to understand and act on the behaviors and relationships their audiences have with their content, brands or messages,” says Venkat Gullapalli, MD, CEO and founder of Medikly.

“Basic impressions and site visits are no longer insightful; to remain relevant, companies must track and measure a more robust set of metrics, including quantitative and qualitative data from online and offline data sources, says Gullapalli. “KONNECT provides the data and technology infrastructure crucial to understanding audience behaviors and continuously measuring and acting on their engagement.”

The partnership allows Medikly to leverage SA’s strategic marketing expertise and resources to more rapidly grow and scale both KONNECT and its business operations. Other Medikly partners include John Hopkins Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, University of Kentucky and National Osteoporosis Foundation.

“Medikly has made tremendous progress to date, and we’re buoyed by the confidence and enthusiasm of the SA team and our new partnership. Our goal is to build a global, disruptive company that redefines audience engagement in healthcare,” concludes Dr. Gullapalli.

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About Medikly
Medikly is a social media startup that provides healthcare stakeholders with a data and technology framework to effectively reach and better engage their audiences. Its platform, KONNECT, goes well beyond today’s technology solutions by delivering deeper content, offering in-depth interactive experiences, and tracking and reporting a robust set of measurable and actionable engagement analytics. For more information, visit or email

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