Connecting people to brands every day.

How do you reach retail consumers today and influence their purchasing decisions? That’s a question Strategic America answers every day for local, regional and national brands. But we don’t just answer the question. We act quickly, adjusting marketing strategies and executions that deliver results. And we’ve done it for years for retail clients such as Wendy’s® (30 years) and the Iowa Lottery (nearly 25 years).

We understand we need to reach retail consumers when they are in the research phase of shopping: Many educate themselves about products and services before they ever enter a store/location. Knowing who consumers are in the retail space through industry research and analysis, intercepts and online surveys allows us to customize the message/offer to meet a person’s specific needs.

And that means we need to know whether we’re talking to a Millennial who likes to shop online for a product/service or a Boomer who responds better to direct mail offers. We need to determine whether we are nurturing a current customer or trying to get a prospect to sample our product/service. Knowing what time of day, product offerings and location specifics drive purchasing decisions in specific markets are other essentials to success in retail marketing.

Of course, you don’t have to be a long-standing client to receive the benefits of SA’s retail expertise. Newer clients like Pella® would tell you we deliver leads that turn to sales in their very competitive spaces. We connect people to brands in meaningful ways and we have the data to prove it. To find out more, connect with us today.