Home Products

Understanding the diverse preferences of homeowners.

What is the mindset of the average homeowner? That’s a question we ask ourselves every day.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that among the dozens of people who live within a block or two, your interests are unique. In terms of home ownership, everyone has his or her own distinct preferences in style, design and upkeep—and that plays a huge role in the way they approach improvements to their home.

We have more than 33 years of experience in marketing products and services to homeowners, so we understand buying patterns. Just as companies like Amazon and Netflix have used online intelligence to market the products their customers are most likely to respond to, we’ve found similar patterns with homeowners.

As a result, we use numerous demographic, psychographic and geotargeted local economic drivers to find areas of opportunity for certain products within the home. We’ll be happy to show you how these work for your customers too. Contact us today.

Read our latest 2016 marketing trends and insights within the home products sector in the white paper below:

Home Products
White Paper