Empowered healthcare marketing.

For years, Strategic America has helped numerous healthcare clients increase ROI and share-of-voice with innovative, data-driven strategies and enterprise-wide solutions. But then we upped the ante with our dedicated healthcare division—Strategic Health.

Strategic Health combines the best of traditional advertising, marketing and PR with the innovations of the digital ecosystem and a team experienced in the regulated world of healthcare marketing.

Today’s healthcare audiences are looking for brands to provide actual value, and they’re less likely to consume one-way messages from traditional marketing. All consumers now live within an “on-demand” view of life, expecting brand experiences that are personalized, accessible anytime/anywhere, and relevant.

So how do we help you meet those expectations? By aligning research, brand and execution. By creating strategy and personalized, segmented content, and delivering it across integrated, multichannel digital and traditional formats. By understanding your target audience.

There are a lot of players in this space, but we’re not all equal. Strategic Health empowers healthcare brands to deliver heightened experiences—easily accessible, personalized, segmented content that adds actual value to the audience. Since we’re as comfortable using social, mobile and Big Data analytics as we are implementing traditional tactics, we help our clients look at, understand and respond to patient or provider engagement, sentiment and digital influence. The work we do to bring fresh perspective to a regulated environment, the work that makes brands more accessible, and the work that finds a better way, always, is what makes us different.

So whether you’re a pharma marketer, a hospital brand CMO, a health or health tech entrepreneur, or anyone who sleeps, eats and breathes marketing strategy for a healthcare company, give us a call. It’s all here under the Strategic America legacy brand, and we’re here to help you reach your audience in the way they demand to be reached: the right message, when and how they want it.

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