Making a positive difference.

Strategic America works with a variety of government agencies to address the specific marketing, advertising and communications needs that help fulfill the mission of each agency. Projects can be as diverse as launching a new lottery campaign to communicating the features and benefits of the state’s public employee retirement fund. From supporting individuals with developmental disabilities to helping first-time homeowners, promoting tourism and economic development communicating to public health issues, SA is experienced in marketing government services.

We’re well aware that more and more citizens are interacting with government agencies through social media and other channels, so we’re glad to help these agencies respond in appropriate and collaborative ways, as true public servants. We fully embrace the idea of “mobile government” and helping clients distribute information to the public through a variety of devices.

Year after year, we successfully undergo financial audits of our government clients. This reflects SA’s extensive knowledge of their specific accounting requirements, including documentation, billing procedures, GAX and expenditure reports and routine communications—including detailed conference reports and quarterly reports.

For more than three decades, Strategic America has proudly served the interests of the citizens of Iowa and other governing bodies, recognizing the opportunity to make a positive difference. We are ready to serve those who serve the public need. To get started just contact us.