Big Data and Trends

Making data work for us—and you.

The value of Big Data to today’s marketers can’t be understated. The challenge is for marketers and their agencies to break down the data into meaningful analytics that increase customer engagement and drive sales—using a mix of traditional and digital media.

For instance, a prospect gains interest after hearing a radio spot, seeing a banner ad, or reading a print ad, email or direct mail piece. Their response vehicles vary widely. Instead of calling the tracking number on the ROP ad, they might go online and click on an ad. They might go directly to your website and fill out a form for information or call the number on the website to talk to a salesperson.

So how do we know which channel worked, and how do we use that to determine future marketing spend?

This is where we have found the greatest success for our clients. Much as a financial analyst watches for patterns in the investments they manage to know when to buy or sell, we at SA create overlays of data from all sectors, including variables, to find the right mix of overlapping or edging media to create the most optimal result.

Many companies gather data elements about their customers, product sales, and chart seasonality, but struggle to turn the information into useful insights. Even then, those that do pull out useful insights often find it difficult to turn them into actionable items. That’s where Strategic America can help. We analyze customer response and sales data to predict future reactions, then forecast customer and new acquisition interactions and sales and recommend the optimum marketing mix to meet those goals.

We also use these processes to determine messaging, offers, creative and ROI. We are more than happy to deliver fewer online or offline impressions or interactions in exchange for higher conversions. The basics haven’t changed—it’s still a matter of finding better ways to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience, all with the goal of increasing sales.

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