Research, Testing and Analytics

Research and Consumer Insights Help Tailor Your Plan.

At Strategic America, we embrace numbers. We take pride in providing you with analytical evidence for our direct marketing recommendations. Our analysts study the ins and outs of your industry to ensure your direct marketing plan will be tailored to your target market.

Testing Helps Us Constantly Improve Your Marketing Plan.

The success of your direct marketing depends heavily on testing and using the results to constantly improve what you’re doing. A/B and multivariate testing allow us to gain insight and apply findings so your message will resonate with your audience and consistently produce the results you’re looking for.

Get the Results You Need Through Measurement and Analytics.

Before it even launches, we’ll work together to develop a plan for measuring the success of your direct marketing campaign every step of the way. Whether it’s cost per call, cost per appointment, ROI, average sale or another key performance indicator (KPI), we measure results in real-time so we can make adjustments needed for the best results.

We’ll also use media mix modeling to measure the performance of the integrated marketing activities in your plan to evaluate and make improvements that will grow sales and ROI.

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