Interactive and Digital Marketing

Keeping up with a changing world.

Quite simply, Strategic America is a digital marketing and advertising agency like no other.

We specialize in developing targeted and effective campaigns using such tactics as search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), social media, reputation management, mobile marketing and responsive website design. These digital marketing tactics are customized to each client’s needs and measured to accurately evaluate the campaign’s true ROI.

So what is unique about SA’s digital marketing solutions?

The tactics described above are merely the means of finding the real secret of our clients’ digital marketing success. At Strategic America, we believe it is critical not only to identify your audience from a demographic and geographic perspective, but also to understand who they are as people: their interests, passions, influences, stages in life, and media usage patterns. As digital, mobile and social media become increasingly more personal, every effective marketing plan must recognize and embrace this evolution.

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. People use different mixtures of media to communicate, and each generation is more technologically advanced than the one before. In order to effectively market your message to your audience today and tomorrow, you must be able to communicate with them within the media space where they’re most comfortable. At Strategic America, we call this Generational Marketing.

Many digital marketing agencies take a “guerilla marketing” approach to campaigns (we define this as indiscriminate mass marketing). But with our Generational Marketing approach, you can tailor a message to each segment of your audience within the media we’re targeting. The mixture of media can even include traditional options like print, outdoor or TV. This holistic approach to your challenges is what makes Strategic America a digital marketing agency like no other.

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