Ask the Expert: Secrets to a Great Digital Campaign Strategy

This content originally appeared on the Goodway Group’s blog. Q&A with Nick Gaudio As director of account management at Goodway Group, Nick guides the account management team to find meaning in data. He applies an end-to-end test-and-learn philosophy to help deliver the insightful reporting and strategic planning services Goodway’s clients deserve. Nick believes that numbers tell stories and that good campaign strategy is a delicate blend of craft and science.

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Where Strategy Lives

Strategy may be one of the more overused and misunderstood words in business. Where some may think it’s ‘ivory tower’ for MBAs or C-level execs, and others can’t get above the tactical demands of their workday, and yet, we’re all capable of being strategic. At SA, it is our belief that we can all engage in strategic thinking, and thus, have developed a place for strategy to be recognized and rewarded.

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co-op marketing

Automated Marketing Tools Are The Competitive Edge for Local Markets

A recent industry trade article pointed out that marketers are concerned that their branded promotions are missing the mark at the local market level. It points out that less than 10% of the companies surveyed report they are addressing it effectively. That’s a big delta between opportunity and actual achievement. This is a potential bonanza in channel partner sales and profitability.

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