What Companies Get Wrong About Buyer Personas

Effective marketing comes easiest when a company can best identify their ideal customer. Knowing who that target buyer is and what makes them tick unlocks both insights of how to best connect with that customer, but also move them to commit to an action or sale. In order to bring all that information together in a simple and concise way that provides the groundwork for an action plan, developing “buyer personas” has gained a great deal of buzz among marketers to the point where many consider personas one of the cornerstones of inbound marketing.

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Persona ideation

Persona parameters for a user-centered content strategy

A user-centered content strategy is a critical component of delivering functional web design. I attended a couple of workshops at Confab this spring to strengthen my process-driven approach to web projects. Scott Kubie’s workshop about user-centered content strategy was about why we need to ‘fall in love’ with our users and map out meaningful journeys across our websites.

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