Employee Engagement: Pass the Pretzels, Not the Buck

Employee engagement activities are often considered the bike trails of the work place. You see, the best cities are great places to do business and raise a family. To attract the people that are going to work at and run those businesses and raise those families, a city has to have amenities like bike trails (and parks and pools and public transportation and plumbing and pharmers markets—it’s how they spell it in Europe).

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Trust in the Age of the Customer

A trusted international research firm in the business realm recently suggested a fundamental re-set has occurred, which they refer to as the “age of the customer.” Intriguing, I thought. I should read on. The authors presented their premise that the balance of power between businesses and their customers had forever shifted in favor of customers and their needs. 

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post its

Investing in Culture through Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be thought of not only as how someone feels about what they are doing and their overall work experience, but also as the emotional commitment he or she has. This means they don’t just work for a paycheck or the next promotion, but work on behalf of the organization’s goals. When employees care – when they are engaged – they use discretionary effort and go that “extra mile.” You’ll find the “engaged” programmer working overtime when needed, without being asked.

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Go green

Yes, You Can. Go Green.

Strategic America has been making a long-term commitment to sustainability. And now, we’ve just received the Environmental Impact Award for Small Business from the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Center on Sustainable Communities and the Metro Waste Authority at an event sponsored by the Des Moines Water Works. SA is among five organizations and one individual recognized this year for exemplifying environmental sustainable leadership and practices.

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focus it foward

Focus It Forward

Question time. Where is transformation? What is the virtual intersection of heart and head for your business? Tip: It’s here where you find passion, innovation, service and satisfaction. It’s often the “secret sauce” of your business. If your enterprise did not exist, what would the rest of us be missing?  And, thank goodness your business does exist, because now we can sample and realize that something special does happens at your company.

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