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Creative Collaborations: The Client/Agency Relationship

Design has always been my passion. Early in my career, I realized that I could apply that passion to a much larger purpose: Making a difference in people’s lives and building valued relationships. And while I’ve witnessed many changes in the advertising industry over 30 years, the importance of a strong relationship between clients and their agency, built on trust and respect, remains constant and vital to doing successful and meaningful work.

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Create Consistent Brand Voice With These Writing Tips

By: Kristy Hoelscher and John Donovan Strategic America serves clients in countless ways, and one of the most important is one that often goes unnoticed: Making sure you present a consistent brand voice. Your brand voice is at the core of your brand’s personality. The words, sentence structures, and punctuation you use to engage your audience determine their perception of your business.

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What the December 1963 copy of Life magazine taught me about advertising

Galleries of shockingly tasteless “Mad Men”-era ads are often posted on social media, but I wasn’t sure what I’d find in the copy of Life magazine covering the funeral of President Kennedy, dated December 6, 1963. Even its mailing label shows it comes from a different era, addressed to “Mrs. John S. Welch.” As a current ad agency employee, I was more curious as to what a complete issue of the magazine would look like, rather than review selected samples of the most backward and out-of-date ads.

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Celebrating the Businesses that Make America Work: National Small Business Week

In May 2015, Strategic America provided public relations services to the U.S. Small Business Administration highlighting the importance of small businesses in our economy. We were able to engage network news, major dailies, entertainment programs and online media outlets serving more than 10 million impressions. Relevant and important then, the story is even more so today.

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What Can Neuroscience Teach Us to Improve Marketing?

What goes on in a consumer’s mind? The answer to that question can have a strong impact on marketers. If we can understand why a consumer takes a specific action, we can help companies better position themselves to reach their desired outcome with the consumer. Very few marketers would say that their profession is “brain surgery.” But looking at discoveries and ideas in neuroscience can help better understand the human mind.

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Becoming Data-Centric: How Companies are Leveraging Data for Results in 2018

“Big data” is everywhere. More and more data is available to companies every day, and with it an increasing demand for new progress in attribution and insight. Over the next three years, it’s estimated that spending on marketing analytics will increase by almost 200%. Clearly, companies are not only looking for ways to obtain data, but discovering ways to leverage that data for results.

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Lessons from Lennox LIVE 2018

March Madness means more than basketball when you work at Strategic America. March is also the time when our longtime client, Lennox Industries, host Lennox LIVE learning conferences in multiple cities across America. SA attends every Lennox LIVE event, which in 2018, will take us to Phoenix, AZ; Dallas, TX; Orlando, FL; and Mashantucket, CT.

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