Unique in the field

Field marketing is the space Strategic America often plays in . . . works in, actually. It is the place generally referred to as retail. Channel. Co-op. Distributive marketing. And, those descriptors only start the conversation. The common factor is: this is where sales occur. This is where cash registers ring. This is where your brand is presented against a competitive array of choices.

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What happens at retail . . . drives America

If you watch the news about the economic recovery, you see the impact of retail. Not just Big Box, but franchisees, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sorts. Many years ago, we learned about the power of retail in the banking arena. Our client at the time understood that banking was about making connections at their “stores” with associates who consultatively sold, resulting in the industry’s leading cross-sell ratio.

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High Five Friday Tshirt

High Five Friday, It IS a Thing!

A month or so ago Jim Davis told me he wanted High Five Friday to be a thing. After a bit of research we discovered it is already a thing in Portland. Sort of. Mr. High Five Friday was doing his part to spread the joy. It wasn’t enough though. Under the charming leadership of Jim Davis, your beloved Couch Team was on the case.

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