Heath and Kasey Preview Super Bowl* Commercials! Round One

The Super Bowl is this weekend. Heath and Kasey have watched some ads. Their comments, along with the commercials, are below.


K: I watched the Doritos ad and about puked.

H: Whoever made the Doritos ad should be locked up. I’ve never wanted to eat a Dorito less in my life, so congratulations Doritos. Shut it down!

Axe Peace

K: I’ve seen the Axe ad and it’s awful.

H: I just can’t with this. Not today.


K: The VW one was fine enough.

H: As the Volkswagen commercial started, I allowed myself to believe that the woman with red hair, writing on the white board, was Molly Ringwald. When I found it wasn’t her, the commercial never really recovered for me. Then Carmen Electra shows up, not knowing at all that she was cast ironically, and then an old caught one in the beans. That’s a perfect recipe for TV heartache for me.


K: I think people must keep watching the Butterfinger Cup one because they are excited Butterfinger cups exist, not because the commercial is good. Also, I’ve heard disappointing reviews (from famous people). “It was good, but not as good as a Reese’s cup. The Butterfinger part isn’t as crunchy as I would like. It was more of a cream. Worth trying, yes, but set expectations at 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.” -Matt Paxton

H: You must be right. It does prove that it’s really difficult to look good dressed as a shade of peanut butter. Tan and creamy is not how I like my turtlenecks. People say that, right?


*Can we even call it the “Super Bowl?” I cannot go to prison. Not again! I’m not going to get Amanda Knox-ed by the NFL!

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