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Enjoy More Happiness in 2014

Happy New Year! It’s a simple statement, but happiness is an emotion that we don’t always feel. As a younger man, all I ever wanted was to simply be happy. The problem was that I was usually looking for some person, place or thing to make me happy — from a new car to an upcoming vacation to receiving recognition from another person.

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Two SA Team Members Honored with Dale Carnegie Awards

At SA, we are always looking for A Better Way. A part of that is making sure that our employees have the opportunity to participate in professional development opportunities. Whether it’s attending a workshop, becoming a member of a professional organization or listening to a webinar, we understand how important it is to provide staff with access to these resources.

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United Way

10 Years of Giving Back to United Way

We’re big into giving back to our community. Just recently, Strategic America reached its 10th year of 100% associate participation in the United Way of Central Iowa’s 2013 campaign. SA associates raised nearly $45,000 for the nonprofit organization, which improves the lives of individuals and families in Central Iowa with a focus on education, income and health.

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Wellness Info

Creating a Culture of Wellness in the Workplace

Most people understand the benefits of choosing a healthy lifestyle, but the correlation between wellness and work performance may be overlooked. The Wellness Council of America says that 70% of workers cite job stress as a cause for frequent health problems. What’s more, a growing collection of research shows that healthier individuals take less leave due to illness, use their health care benefits less, and report higher levels of productivity, engagement and morale.

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Innovation: Finding A Better Way

Innovation can be defined as the process and outcome resulting from a commitment to find a Better Way. Innovators change how we define our perceptions. In marketing, innovation translates to creativity, paradigm shifting, technology breakthroughs or business model changes. Being committed to innovation means being committed to thought leadership, category expertise and claiming a place at the table when key decisions are being made.

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A Better Way…To Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic America (SA) always strives to find a better way for our clients and for our company to be successful. Extending our commitment to A Better Way also means our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As we wrapped up 2012, SA tallied the annual contributions to our community. SA’s charitable contributions exceeded $422,000 and the agency supported 24 organizations with pro-bono services totaling more than 3,100 hours.

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Go green

Yes, You Can. Go Green.

Strategic America has been making a long-term commitment to sustainability. And now, we’ve just received the Environmental Impact Award for Small Business from the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Center on Sustainable Communities and the Metro Waste Authority at an event sponsored by the Des Moines Water Works. SA is among five organizations and one individual recognized this year for exemplifying environmental sustainable leadership and practices.

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focus it foward

Focus It Forward

Question time. Where is transformation? What is the virtual intersection of heart and head for your business? Tip: It’s here where you find passion, innovation, service and satisfaction. It’s often the “secret sauce” of your business. If your enterprise did not exist, what would the rest of us be missing?  And, thank goodness your business does exist, because now we can sample and realize that something special does happens at your company.

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