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Fill you business branches’ sales funnel with SA

Published On: June 28, 2022 | Categories: Advertising and Marketing, Blog, Data and Analytics |

A universal challenge for many businesses is maintaining steady sales growth to meet yearly sales goals. Strategic America (SA) supports a home services client with branches that face this same challenge. With SA’s help, our client exceeded their sales goals.

SA primes the sales funnel for home services clients, so homeowners who complete their projects are consistently followed by homeowners beginning new projects, year over year. Using SA’s proven strategies, other businesses keep a steady stream of business for their sales funnels.

SA approached our client’s challenges with the following strategies to encourage year-over-year growth:

Annual customer analysis to identify most profitable customers and emerging segments.

Localized marketing messages and content that honor the national brand, while bringing the local branch identity to the customer.

Comprehensive weekly reporting with custom dashboards to analyze and optimize performance.

Campaign optimization based on weekly analysis and insights throughout the year.

Integrated multi-channel marketing approach based on customer analysis and past performance.

Geographic analysis to identify new territories to expand into and optimize marketing for the most promising ZIP codes.

Attribution models and customer journey maps to understand the path to purchase.

Following SA’s seven-step strategy, our clients have benefitted from continual growth. The two charts below are bar graphs representing how SA-supported branches performed compared to other client branches in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Our client assumed marketing was “easy” in 2020 and 2021 because demand was at an all-time high with the pandemic. People were in their homes more and wanted to improve the spaces where they were spending so much time.

The two graphs show while all branches were performing above goal in terms of appointments booked, SA-supported branches achieved significantly better results. Which means SA drove more appointments than competitors, even in an “easy” year.

The three charts above show how SA grew our client’s business over five years using our seven-step strategy. Partnering with Strategic America leads to growth.

SA’s seven-step approach is easily modeled for other clients. Customer data provided by our clients is an important differentiator. If you want to work with SA and need a place to start, take a look at how to organize customer data, then work with SA to leverage that data into growth.