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Five Social Media Trends Heading Into 2022

Published On: February 7, 2022 | Categories: Social Media |

Creating quality and high-performing social media content has evolved to more than just compelling imagery and clever copy. Additionally, all social media professionals need to stay up to date with the ever-changing social media trends and best practices.

With a seemingly constant moving target of social media standards to hit, it can be challenging to ensure that what you’re putting out will perform well. To help with some of these challenges, we’ve compiled five social media trends for 2022 to keep in mind while crafting your content.

1. Niche Facebook experiences become prominent marketing channels

Facebook is the world largest social network platform with 2.9 billion monthly active users. Even with the wide reach Facebook has, users are craving experiences in niche communities and subcultures. Facebook has several offerings that create a smaller feel for users such as Facebook Groups, Live Audio Rooms and Facebook Live. Participating in these Facebook forums as a small business allows you to deepen relationships and build more trust with your audience.

2. Long-form content retakes center stage

Last year focused on short-form media with the explosion of TikTok, the wide-scale adoption of Instagram Reels and the introduction of YouTube Shorts. But, TikTok has now expanded maximum video length to three minutes and Reels have increased to 60 seconds. So, while short-form media is still a strong option, users seem want more time to enjoy the content.

3. Genuine storytelling drives highest engagement

When developing a social media presence, most businesses position themselves as a professional and educational resource for their users. And while being seen as a trusted source is essential for social media success, businesses can’t just stop there. Now, users want and expect an emotional connection with the brands they follow. Small businesses can work on building this connection by telling genuine stories and showing vulnerability.

4. Video is still king

In 2022, video needs to be a high priority in your overall marketing strategy. From Instagram Reels to Facebook Live and now LinkedIn video, users have shown time and time again they want to engage with video. Organic videos build trust and credibility for businesses while offering opportunities to show company personality and humor at the same time!

5. Reputation management is as important as ever

Social media has become the front line of any crisis. According to a Nielsen survey, 64% of respondents preferred to send a message rather than calling a business. Brand management builds brand awareness and drives new purchase and product inquiries. Consumer expectations are mounting, and many demand their needs to be met on social. To meet this expectation, businesses need to prioritize community responses and work to answer each request as quickly as possible.