Where Strategy Lives

Published On: February 8, 2018 | Categories: Advertising and Marketing |

Strategy may be one of the more overused and misunderstood words in business. Where some may think it’s ‘ivory tower’ for MBAs or C-level execs, and others can’t get above the tactical demands of their workday, and yet, we’re all capable of being strategic. At SA, it is our belief that we can all engage in strategic thinking, and thus, have developed a place for strategy to be recognized and rewarded. We call it Strategy-Ville.

Strategy-Ville also embodies the SA Chairman’s Award which includes recognition, reward and support in many ways for the initiatives, processes, ideas and team members who demonstrate the impact of applied strategy for our clients and the agency. Check out this video of Amanda Glynn, our first recipient.

Often, we’ve found that strategy includes elements of the following—

  • Inventing and applying a ‘better way’ of service/delivery for our clients
  • Outside the box thinking, beyond advertising or marketing, revealing business understanding and opportunity development
  • Gaining insights from knowing and recognizing a client need, then developing an actionable solution
  • Deeper dives into relevant data to reveal new discoveries and pathways
  • Leveraging collective knowledge from multiple sources for category leadership
  • Identifying and testing emerging opportunities through partnership with specialized suppliers
  • Enhancing SA’s overall ability to better serve SA client needs

Here, it comes down to searching out, and believing in, better ways. Often, these ideas engage better application of technology; studied insights into the customer experience; or seeing beyond steps 1, 2, 3 to an end goal with a quicker, more effective way to get there.

Pathways are key to effective strategy design and implementation. That means:

  • Finding a track for each of us to run on that enhances the way we run our business for the benefit of clients, team members and the community
  • Striving to continually improve, and seeing possible inflection points where acceleration brings meaningful performance
  • Testing and learning as we go
  • And as a result—truly enjoying our journey

These questions inspire strategy and will define SA for the present and the future. Strategy-Ville is our destination.