Holding Vendors Accountable – The Rising Threat of Digital Ad Fraud

You hear the terminology digital ad fraud and you get scared. And you should. Integral Ad Science estimates the programmatic industry’s standard fraud rate to be 8.7 percent. You want your advertising dollars to contribute to your ROI, not to bots and swindlers. Digital fraud comes in many forms: invalid traffic, squatting, spoofing, scraping, malware, false reviews, and that next big thing fraudsters are likely concocting right this minute.

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Baton hand off

Lifelong Lessons From Sprint Relays

It might sound strange, but I like to see team sports participation on a resume. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never going to impact a hiring decision, but it does say something about experience. It doesn’t matter the sport. The higher the level, the better—but I think team sports are best. The lessons learned are lifelong: preparation, accountability, trusting others to do their part, a focus on the fundamentals, and of course, teamwork.

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Using Weather to Make a Measurable Difference in Your Marketing Metrics

Weather impacts our daily lives dsbtlme. It affects our moods, what we wear, our activities and what we buy. And our mood affects our spending. Weather is the second biggest influence on our buying decisions after the economy. A temperature shift of just one degree impacts sales of numerable products. Sunlight has a significant positive effect on willingness-to-pay as shown in the chart below taken from the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.

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