Top Five Best Moments of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, we look to the horizon and watch 2017 break upon us. Typically throughout December, we see many “Best Of” blogs and articles discussing what in our industry has come and gone over the past 12 months. It is also a time to highlight successes. This year, Strategic America had many successes, both large and small.

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2017 Predictions

Predictions for 2017 – Change is Upon Us

What will the new year look like and deliver for businesses and marketers? Now’s the time to pause, look ahead and see what emerging trends and insights may suggest for 2017. What’s the headline? Change is upon us. Many are expecting solid economic growth. The markets began quickly weighing in with their expectations. The Dow 21,000 and beyond has been forecast.

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Holiday Season Marketing Trends

The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping is finally beginning–children scramble to find the perfect gift for their mothers, friends hunt for the best White Elephant gift, and families stock up on food for the cold holiday hibernation to be spent together. Here at SA, our favorite part of the upcoming holiday season is not the search for the best wrapped present, but rather the marketing and advertising that consumers will soon find knocking at their doors (literally and figuratively!).

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